AZ-Pagkakaisa Marriage Encounter Community

A community of married Christian couples dedicated in the service of the community

through the Family Life Apostolate, especially the Marriage Encounter for the greater glory of God! 

AZ-Pagkakaisa celebrated its 25th Anniversary through songs, dance, & prayers. The program showcased the talents of the members especially those from the Music Ministry to the enjoyment of all.

Marriage Encounter Movement

AZ-Pagkakaisa Twenty Years in the service of the Lord

Twenty Five years ago in 1989 the parent Series of AZ-Pagkakaisa, the AZ 62 was born. From AZ-62's upon sponsoring  5 classes it decided to establish it's own series from the long line of Alpha Zeta Family but still under the Tuklasan Foundation Inc. Organized in September 1993, AZ Pagkakaisa gave birth to 38 classes comprising of more than 600 couples, most of whom are now active in the apostolate.

Innovation and creativity are the hallmarks of AZ Pagkakaisa. Blessed with the overflowing artistic talents and varied skills of its members harnessed with the true spirit of "pagkakaisa", the Series grew into what it is now. AZ Pagkakaisa never settled for the common and ordinary. It created programs and activities that caught the imagination and support of its members. New flavors and colors were added to the existing formats of Reunions, Sponsorship, Harana, Prayer Meetings and other series activities. The Series regularly holds Life in the Spirit Seminars, Family Recollections, Youth Recollections, Mass Weddings and other Psycho-Emotional-Spiritual Activities.

To make reunions more effective and productive, the Series trained "Couple Sharers" whom duty is to reveal their life story to the new classes with ongoing reunions. There are trained "Couple Sharers" who alternately attend the reunions of the new classes. This provides continuity to the atmosphere created during ME Weekend Seminars and encourages participants in the reunion to open up.

The weekly prayer meeting of AZ Pagkakaisa every Monday at the Chapel of Stella Maris, Cambridge St.,, Quezon City is one of the activities, which the Series is proud of. Every prayer meeting is blessed not only with big number of dedicated attendees but also with testimonies of answered prayers, healings (physical, emotional and spiritual) as well as the cultivation of brotherhood among the members. The food served during prayer meetings, which seems to flow from an eternal source, abounds during the Tuesday Prayer Meetings of the community.

AZ Pagkakaisa has trained counselors who are always available to serve the members of the community. Its ministries (Music, Sponsorship, Counseling, Intercessory, Sponsorship, Finance, Temporalities, Continuing Program, Sharing and Life Disclosure, and Worship) are all in full battle gear and always ready and enthusiastic to respond to the call of the Lord. With what it has become. With what it is now... AZ PAGKAKAISA COULD ASK FOR NOTHING MORE!!!




"Surprising fact: For every five married Pinoys, there is one who is separated or divorced" according to the Philippine Daily Inquirer report of March 12, 2010.  Indeed marriages nowadays end up in separation & the reason often cited is "irreconciable differences". This is odd considering the amount of time often spent together by couples as boyfriends/girlfriends before marrying. Some would even spend some time as live-in partners. Thanks to marriage encounter or M.E, 99% of couples who experienced it speaks highly of their "transformation":

"When we went to Marriage Encounter we had a good marriage. What we didn't know were the tools we would receive on our weekend would help us later in our marriage through the stress from years of infertility. It truly saved our marraige before we needed it to be saved. We really think we wouldn't be together if we hadn't gone to Marriage Encounter when we did. Thank you Marriage Encounter for giving us the tools we would need to have a great marriage for the rest of our lives!"

"Our weekend was life-changing! It took our relationship to a whole new level. Everyone deserves to go on a Marriage Encounter weekend"

"Our marriage encounter weekend changed our lives forever... we dealt with issues we hadn't even realized were there.. and we reconnected in amazing ways... we left that weekend more in love than ever before...  We'd recommend a Marriage Encounter weekend to anyone... you deserve it!! It will change your life forever... "

 For more information, call or text +639188011500

HUGGING!  a cure to warring couples.

Hugs are not only nice, they are needed. Hugs can relieve pain and depression, and can make people healthier happier.

Hugging is one of the most complex and many sided ways of communication. Thru hugs we can spread our spoken language to the language of wider expression. In different hugs we may speak of security, confidence, trust and sharing in a manner that no word can tell. In these ways hugging someone may also do good for one's self -esteem. "WOW, he/she is accepting me just the way I am!" The precious moments of living get also a new significance when we add hugs into them.

Marriage Encounter SEMINARS

Alpha Zeta Pagkakaisa, a series of the Tuklasan Foundation Inc. under the auspices of the Marriage Encounter Foundation of the Philippines, sponsors Marriage Encounter (M.E) Seminars. 

It is held at the Ephpheta Retreat Center in La Hermosa, Bataan.

The objective of the M.E seminar is to strengthen the marital bond of married couples. It is our way of sharing the great experience and blessings our own weekend brought to our lives.

 In its long years of existence, the Marriage Encounter Movement has succeeded in strengthening the basic foundation of society, which is the family. With the continuing task of extending the seminar to the widest extent possible, we believe that this noble endeavor, which we humbly call our apostolate, will contribute to the betterment of society in general.


"Attending a Marriage Encounter weekend was the best choice we ever made as a married´╗┐ couple. With a small investment (only A FRACTION ONE WOULD NORMALLY PAY FOR A BUSINESS SEMINAR  for us as a couple), we had two nights at a wonderful retreat hostel, ate great food, heard wonderful speakers, had great people to talk with during breaks, etc. But the best part of the weekend was the guided times of sharing that my wife and I had -- we left the weekend knowing each other better and loving each other more than ever before. Find one and attend. Thanks!!!"

For more information, call or text +632 9255898475


The AZ-Pagkakaisa Prayer Community's INTERCESSORY GROUP accepts prayers of petition, thanksgiving, & for all your intentions. The members does the prayers individually each morning everyday & collectively during worship services every Monday. There is also the weekly blessing by the presiding priest. ALL PRAYER PETITIONS ARE PRAYED-OVER IN PERPETUITY.

The Lord indeed is a loving GOD, full of mercy, & compassion! He hears our prayers gladly & grant it in HIS time, according to HIS will, & always to our benefit as children of GOD. Let us claim in victory the wishes of our loving GOD: to live a life that is full & joulful!

"And so I say to you, ‘Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and it will be opened to you. 10 For the one who asks receives, and the one who searches finds, and to him who knocks the door will be opened." LUKE 11:9-10

"28 Come to me, all you who work hard and who carry heavy burdens and I will refresh you. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me for I am gentle and humble of heart; and you will find rest. 30 For my yoke is good and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30

Please click the icon above for your prayer petitions, thanksgiving, personal intentions,& other concerns. The AZP Intercesory Group shall collectively lift them up & claim the promises of Christ our Lord.


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